Welcome to Unite Blind Uplift Charitable Trust
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We are based at Charkop, Kandivali, Mumbai.. We have no other branches / offices.

We represent ourselves as small institution Since 1999 with a big heart to help the blind the most neglected segment of our society. It is the first among other organization for the blind who has strived hard to solve the basic problems of blind who dweel away from the ashrams and have become an example for the other organization.

Our Aim

Home Industries for the blind in different project

Ashram For the old Age blind.
Orchestra group of blind.
Medical center.
Brail printing press for educational books.
Workshop to provide jobs to our blind.
Medical assistance

Our Vision

Unite Blind Uplift CharitableTrust's Main vision is to provide employment through Our Home Industries Project & to supply their daily needs of every Blind Person in India.

How We will be Utilising your Fund

Unite Blind Uplift Charitable Trust conduct various programs to work with blind in difficult circumstances. These programs include the activities like foodgrains distribution, education, employment & other programs.

Our Institution registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act and with the Income Tax Department under section 12 A of the income tax act in the year 2005.

We cannot spell S_ccess without U